Real Texas HoneyTM Application

Thank you for participating in the Real Texas Honey™ application process. By submitting this application, you agree to all program definitions and requirements listed below and all Detailed Requirements as posted on the Real Texas Honey™ website . All applications are reviewed by the Real Texas Honey™ Board for accurate and verifiable information. Upon approval you will be notified by email at the address submitted and you will be invoiced for annual dues, currently $20 plus $0.70/hive.

Free Real Texas Honey™ Seals – After annual dues are received, we will ship 30 seals per hive to the address on your application.

Additional Real Texas Honey™ Seals – Additional seals are also available, in increments of 100 seals. The maximum number of seals you can receive, including the free ones, is based on the number of hives indicated on your application. The maximum is 70 seals per hive, up to 1000 hives. If you have over 1000 hives the maximum is 50 seals per hive. See the chart below for the associated administrative fee per 100 seals.

of Hives
Admin Fee
Extra Seals
(per 100)
1 – 5 $2.50
6 – 25 $2.46
26 – 100 $2.05
101 – 300 $1.85
301 – 1,000 $1.59
1,001 – 2,500 $1.31
2,501 – 5,000 $0.94
5,001 – 10,000 $0.50

We are also happy to provide the Honey Locator as a benefit to our members, and honey consumers. RTH participants will exhibit a premium flag on the locator indicating their status.

Application Form
  1. I am a beekeeper registered with the Texas Apiary Inspection Service.
  2. I am not a purchaser of bulk honey from outside the state of Texas.
  3. I certify that any honey offered as Real Texas Honey™ is produced 100% by honey bees in Texas, and any additional honey purchased for resale as Real Texas Honey™ must come from another Real Texas Honey™ participant.
  4. I understand that samples of my honey may be tested to show compliance with the Real Texas Honey™ program.
  5. I understand all members participating in the program are subject to inspection, and if needed provide proof of the source of Texas honey.
  6. I understand that any infractions in this program and this agreement may result in removal from the Honey Locator and the Real Texas Honey™ program and I will not be allowed to use the Real Texas Honey™ seal.
  7. If requested, to validate the number of hives claimed, I will make available GPS coordinates or physical inspection of apiaries, plus video, photographic or physical inspection of my honey processing facilities and equipment storage facilities.
  8. I further certify that I agree to comply with the Real Texas Honey™ Detailed Requirements, and the Definitions set forth in the Real Texas Honey™ website.
  9. I understand that the use of the Real Texas Honey™ seal on any product is restricted for use only on Real Texas Honey™ products meeting all Detailed Requirements.
  10. I understand I will be contacted each year for re-verification and dues assessment.